The First Step to Financial Freedom
About the project
One of our advocacy in the studio is to teach people to be financially free. Before you can even invest, the first step you need to do is save. Finances is a topic mostly avoided by our peers so we decided to make a video to teach why we need to save money. We wanted to show to people how to protect themselves just in case they loose their jobs.
Creative Director : Marvin Te
Project Manager : Jerrick Mosot
Storyboard : Richard de Lira and Bea Jimenez
Design : Ann Megg Arbotante
Illustrators : Ann Megg Arbotante, and Bea Jimenez
Animators : Albert Ryan Villamor, Richard de Lira, Fritzie Balasico, Julie Jay Septimo and Gilbert Siega
Money is a serious topic to talk about so we went with a design that is friendly and warm. Every scene also have lighting to convey the mood of the scene. The overall character design is expressive to show the emotions of happy and sadness. We also have applied textures to add to the style.
Applying additional lightning in after effects
Thank you for viewing and appreciating!