Last year, we wrote a company manifesto to talk about our beliefs, culture, and approach to work. It was also a chance for us to be our own client, and display our skillsets. Initially, it was a mess, a mixture of 2D, 3D, realistic and artistic.

A fresh new start this year got us thinking about what we were really good at, and with this, we've re-aligned our direction with an even sharper focus on bettering ourselves day by day, project by project.

Presenting to you, our Manifesto.

Manifesto Script:

Hello. You might have seen us.
You might have heard of us. You might be wondering who we are. 

We align people and brands together. We listen, learn and collaborate. 
We craft captivating experiences.

We have a flair for knocking out creative problems
(Just like Conor McGregor’s spin-kick)

We give #NoRespect for any obstacles in our way. We bring our A-game to the table, and we always have a blast.

We. Are. Genesis.

The development of this project actually begun in January 2017, and only finished completion in June 2018. Initially delayed due to incoming project (bad excuse, we know!), we realised as time passed, we slowly evolved as a studio and our ideologies changed along the way.

In the original storyboards below, we included various different styles and executional methods to push across the idea of begin able to do any style and technique. We also wanted to incorporate humour that was evident in our personal projects.

Our company direction evolved, and we decided to focus on what we did best,
2D motion design and animation.

Some scenes remained the same, and some evolved into a different idea.
We incorporated deeper metaphors into our project, which also allowed us to play with them more dynamically.

These are a collated list of research and developmental frames done for this project.
We explored different techniques, art styles, facial developments and colour explorations.

We used the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Animate) and Maxon's Cinema 4D to achieve the desired animations. We also fabricated our logo with different materials, textures and sizes, while planning to end off the video with an anamorphic illusion. With a bit of compositing magic to mix both 3D animation, illustrations, cel animations and stop-motion, the video was blended seamlessly.

Produced by: Genesis Motion Design (
Conceptualisation: Rachael Lum, Rohan Lorenz, Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Bryan Sim, Natalie Ang, Darren Shieh, Benjamin Ang
Director: Benjamin Ang
Art Direction: Rachael Lum, Benjamin Ang
Producer: Darren Shieh
Designers: Rachael Lum, Rohan Lorenz, Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Bryan Sim, Natalie Ang
Animators: Rachael Lum, Rohan Lorenz, Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Bryan Sim, Natalie Ang, Jay Septimo
Music: GRYD (
Special Thanks: James Lee

You can follow our work on these platforms: 
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