About the project
In 2017 Bitcoin went as high as 20,000 USD per bitcoin. When that happened it peaked our interest but instead of diving in we did a little bit of research. It turns out that bitcoin was more complex than we originally thought. We also found out that the technology blockchain may disrupt a lot of industries. So we decided to create an explainer video to help curious minds to know more about bitcoins and the technology behind it, which is blockchain.
Creative Director : Marvin Te
Project Manager : Jerrick Mosot
Design : Ann Megg Arbotante and Bea Jimenez
Script : Marvin Te
Storyboard : Marvin Te
Animation : Marvin Te, Gilbert Siega, Tirso Tan Jr., Lyka Baliwag, Jay Septimo, Jonell Longjas, and Paul Crooks
Sound Design : Tirso Tan Jr. and Gilbert Siega